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Why is Facebook essential to my business, and how do I manage my Page?

SEO, how does it work?

How can I easily and free send newsletters to my clients or prospects?

The answers to these questions are essential for those who wish to invest more in their communication on the Internet.

To answer this, InKréa offers you training sessions adapted to your needs, on a specific theme or tailor-made according to what you want to learn or deepen.


Training topics offered:

Facebook for my Business

- How useful is a Facebook Page for my business?

2 hours

- Creating my Facebook Page: the step-by-step process

3 hours

- Tips and tricks: everything you need to know to maintain your Facebook Page, bring it to life, and turn your "Likes" into customers.

3 hours

- Advertising on Facebook: efficiency and a step-by-step approach

3 hours

Web referencing: being visible in search engine results

- What is referencing?

3 hours

- I have a website: what should I do to improve its referencing: tips

3 hours, site audit included, on site

Design a newsletter and send it, easily and for free

Training on the MailChimp tool

4 hours

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