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Recommendations | Testimonials

Find some of thenoticeleft by ourclients,about the partgraphics/web, as well as the parttraining !

It's when we receive them, and a smile appears on our face, 

that we exactly what we do this job for :)

Customer reviews graphic design & website creation

Virginia Robert

Too good at home

Attentive, dynamic and efficient, Sylvia knows how to reboost when necessary and refocus if necessary!

His support was invaluable to me, it's real teamwork!
When you create your own business, you already have a lot of doubts and procedures to manage: Sylvia keeps her commitments and forgets nothing, it's super reassuring and it makes all the difference!!
I found the style, and the support, that I needed:

Thanks Sylvia!

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity

  • Creation of thevisit card

  • Creation offlyer|brochurecommercial

  • Creation of the websitein partnership withDigital Fox

See the Trop Bien chez Moi website

Rachel Mottais

The World of Helo

I recommend with eyes closed.

Sylvia is super nice, attentive and she has the gift of understanding what we want, the essence of the message we want to convey even when we can't really express it.

She is committed to her work. Seems to be very available.

I am very happy with thesiteandlogothat she did to me.

Everything is very beautiful. Also happy with all the side dishes, the advice she was able to give me.

In short, go there with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed.

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity

  • Creation of the e-commerce website(Online Store)

See the website of Le Monde d'Hélo

Celine Bisaro

WordsMento, translation

Thanks again Sylvia for your great work, I'm more than a fan and I will recommend you with my eyes closed!

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity|graphical charter

Sistine Gladys


We were delighted to use the services of Sylvia for ourlogo!

Listening, graphic talent and above all tools adapted to us and our needs...

We recommend with pleasure!

Thank you for everything !

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

Marion Lajus

A Layer of Happiness

Greatlogoproduced with Sylvia, who was very attentive while remaining proactive.

She always adapted to my wishes, without any judgment concerning my crazy proposals, she accompanied me in my project and I am proud of thelogowhich comes out.

Thank you very much Sylvia 🙂

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of thevisit card

Vanessa Fourcade

art therapist

I entrusted thecreate my business cardandflyersto Inkréa and I'm delighted.

Very professional, very attentive, she was able to find exactly what suited me.

I recommend without hesitation!

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of thevisit card

  • Creation offlyer|commercial brochure

Andrea Moreira

A Yes To Infinity

Fabulous work done by Sylvia who always takes great care to satisfy us!

Achievements without words, a perfect result, which pleases the customers. From the most classic to the most original, Sylvia always finds something to make us smile!

Without a doubt, you will be able to trust him with your eyes closed!! 🤩

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of thevisit card

  • Creation oflabelsfor the shop

  • Creation offlyer(event)

  • Creation ofwebsitewith online appointment booking

See the Un Oui Vers l'Infini website

Emma Jean says the Hospital

Farm Laneya

Great job on thecreation of my logoand somebrochurepresentation of my farm!

Sylvia immediately identified my personality, my values and transcribed them through mylogoand mybrochure.

It's agraphic designerprofessional, available and attentive.

I see nothing to complain about except that it will be a great pleasure to work with her again for my next projects ofcommunication!
Thanks again Sylvia! :)

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of thevisit card

  • Creation oflabelsfor the shop

  • Creation offlyer|commercial brochure

Morgane Debriel--Charlat

Symbiosis Saddle Fitting

Super happy with mylogo, mygraphical charterand mybusiness cards, Sylvia is very attentive and immediately understood the essence of my project.

She is very creative and available, offers great ideas with research behind it, you can feel the passion in her creations!

I highly recommend and would not hesitate for a second to use his services again for my future projects!

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of thevisit card

Florence Forthoffer

Administrative and Commercial Management | Freelance

A huge thank you to Sylvia for her superb work.

Without even meeting (confinement requires) she understood what I was looking for,logo,graphical charter,visit card, exterior panel...

Everything is perfect and I am delighted.

As a bonus Sylvia is not stingy withtips. She is attentive, patient and passionate.

Prices commensurate with the service. I highly recommend !!! Thank you Sylvia for this collaboration, as I told you I am really really and infinitely delighted :) 😁

Our services :

  • Creation oflogo

  • Definition ofvisual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of thevisit card

  • Creation ofexterior panel (signage)

Pascale Medium


Speed when making appointments, contacts and exchanges with a very professional quality of listening.

An understanding of my expectations which were clearly the reflection of my ideas during the implementation on booklets..

A big congratulations, a clear and majestic work...

A beautiful booklet, nothing to add, nothing to complain about..

Many thanks for the production and design of this 20-page booklet. A name, an address to recommend WITHOUT MODERATION...

Our services :

  • Creation of a booklet (catalog and presentation) of 20 pages

Josette Latournerie

Okabe Consulting

When launching my activity, I needed a logo and all its variations to build the image of my structure.

With INKREA, I found in front of me, a professional who knew how to listen to me, help me to clearly formulate my needs, my expectations and who always accompanies me in my reflections and the construction of the image of my structure. .

INKREA reformulates, clarifies and adapts to my needs always with care, creativity and within the deadlines on which the commitment related.


In addition, Sylvia presents human qualities of respect, patience and rigor which make me remain faithful to the professional as much as to the woman.

Our services :

  • Logo creation

  • Definition of visual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of the business card

  • Creation of the greeting card

Edith Leroy

Association Pistes Solidaires, Pau

I had the opportunity to work with InKréa as part of the creation of a complete goose game and its cards for the Pistes Solidaires association.

I particularly appreciated the creative flexibility shown by Sylvia, her adaptability to changing demands, including at odd hours, her attentive listening which results in the expression of the needs barely identified by the client, her distant artistic expression clichés, the speed of its intervention, and its network of companies already identified which allows it to go quickly in the realization of projects (printers in particular).

I highly recommend it!

Our services :

  • Creation of a personalized goose game and its 52 cards

Laurence Lanot-Grosset

Adhara Institute, Pau

Thank you for the realization of my rate cards, my gift vouchers and my discount vouchers...
Thank you for being the link between my spirit and the realization...
I could see the realization of what EXACTLY I had in mind!!!!
Thank you for your beautiful ideas, your know-how, your speed of execution and your great patience...

Thanks to you, ADHARA Institute is conveyed every day by different hands, and every day, we are proud of our colors and our visual identity...
Thank you for your precious work... See you next time...

Our services :

  • Logo creation

  • Definition of visual identity | graphical charter

  • Creation of brochures

  • Creation of gift vouchers

  • Creation of care card

  • Creation of the window sticker (signage | sign)

Antoine Bourgeois

GAEC Le Jouanicot, beekeeper

Designing a label for my jars of honey was like finding myself in front of a blank page without knowing which direction to go.
That's why I called on Sylvia. From a few general indications, she was able to offer me a base that we then developed together until we obtained the desired result.

Independently of his graphic talents, I really appreciated his sense of listening and his responsiveness in our exchanges.

Our services :

  • Creation of honey labels

  • Creation of the business card

vanessa oliver

Aloha Massage, Biarritz

I really enjoyed collaborating with Sylvia for the development of my brochure and my logo.

Very human, she is constantly listening to her client.

I really appreciated his professionalism, his seriousness, his reactivity, and especially his involvement in my project.

Perfectionist, she was able to create a logo that corresponds exactly to the image that I wanted to convey of my company. Successful work.

I am inundated with compliments on the originality of my logo!
Another big thank you Sylvia for this great work, and I intend to continue our collaboration!

Our services :

  • Logo creation

  • Creation of the business card

  • Creation of the brochure (treatment menu and prices)

Eva and Alain Barroso

wedding project

A few words to thank you for having accompanied us during the organization of our wedding.

Attentive, available and full of good humor...
The quality of your creations (invitations and ceremony booklets) made our guests unanimously happy.

The originality and the care given to the achievements are worth much more than a long speech...
A great pleasure and a great satisfaction to have had you by our side during the preparations.
Thanks again !

Our services :

  • Creation of the wedding invitation

  • Creation of the ceremony booklet

Webmarketing training customer reviews

Caroline B.

Certified Community Management online training

I took Community Manager training with Inkréa formation last week. Just awesome!!!!

The trainers prepare you for the certification but also adapt the content according to your personal and professional objectives. Tailor-made.

They are attentive, caring, enthusiastic and competent, in short, very good professionals. Attention it is a very intense training over 4 days.

Prepare to receive a lot of information.

By comparing with 10 groups of training courses, it is the most complete Inkrea course that I have found. Finally, I recommend this center, you can join it with your eyes closed.

Many thanks to Marion and Sylvia.

Alicia S.

Certified Community Management online training

I followed the Community Manager training led by Sylvia & Marion, and I have no regrets about my choice.

A training led by two passionate people, who know how to make the content captivating from start to finish during these 4 days of very complete training.

Thank you again for your kindness, sympathy and knowledge.

You left a small trace of Inkrea in Alsace :)

Looking forward to meeting you one day if you pass by! ;)

Ingrid F.

Certified Community Management online training

Very satisfied and very happy with my 4-day Community Manager training in video where I obtained my certification.

Very complete content, very interesting and very well animated by the trainers Sylvia & Marion who are tops and really passionate,

attentive and caring.

I do not regret having chosen their center, I highly recommend them.

Again thanks to you !

Martin F.

Certified Community Management online training

I did the CM training today, and I'm delighted.

The content is of high quality, the explanations clear, and the trainers excellent. They really take the time to explain things to us, to give us concrete examples and to put into practice what we learn.

I recommend 1000% 👌👌👌👌

Thank you for these 4 days of training!

Michael R.

Certified Community Management online training

I was looking for a short training in Community Management to learn new skills that would complement my current job.

After 4 days, I'm happy to have the necessary tools to know how to develop an editorial strategy to publish on social networks.
Thanks to Marion and Sylvia for their dynamism, their good humor and their ability to adapt the content of the training according to the profiles of the trainees.

I highly recommend this certification course.

Muriel L.

Certified Community Management online training

After having followed the CM training with InKréa Formations, I am completely delighted with this training.

which suited my needs perfectly.

Clear, well-structured training with daily check-up exercises

and many exchanges that allowed me to acquire the required skill.

I was thus able to gain autonomy for my own editorial line,

but also include this activity with my clients within my company.

I highly recommend it and the 2 x 2 day format gives more flexibility in our side activities.

Thank you @Marion & @Sylvia

Camille B.

Certified Community Management online training

I was looking forward to this training.

I am very satisfied to have done it with you two, it was concrete and alive.

Thank you for your kindness, your smiles and for listening.

It's a pleasure to see you again,

see you soon,


Melanie G.

Certified Community Management online training

I followed the Community manager training with Inkréa Formations at the end of June at the beginning of July 2021. A real treat! Way beyond my expectations.


Marion and Sylvia are very professional trainers, attentive, available and caring.

I plan to do other training and without hesitation I will choose Inkréa Formations, a 110% safe bet.

Anais N.

Certified Community Management online training

I took the Community Management training and I'm delighted.

Complete training with non-reference points that will serve us in the life of the company

and not addressed by other training organizations.

Marion and Sylvia animate their training with dexterity, dynamism and good humor.

I highly recommend.

Natalie M.

Certified Community Management online training

I followed the 4-day course in Community Management and I am delighted to have chosen Inkrea Formations:

professionalism, benevolence... and certified training!

All subjects are illustrated with practical examples by Sylvia and Marion, with energy and passion.

To the point that we forget that we are in video.

Thank you for everything !

Anissa G.

Certified Community Management online training

Marion and Sylvia are on top! They are available and attentive. We have personalized advice throughout the training. This is very complete and takes place in a warm atmosphere. I recommend.

Thank you !

Marilyn R.

Certified Community Management online training

Very lively training where I was not bored for a single minute.

Sylvia and Marion answer questions before we need to ask them!!

I absolutely loved this training both professionally and personally!

Frank D.

Certified Community Management online training

At almost 51 years old, to better understand and follow my young recruit in community management, I "authorized" myself a training at Inkréa Formations. Just great!

Marion and Sylvia are competent of course, but good humor is essential. Everything I love (to quote my old brand slogan). Thanks to them both.

I will probably never be an expert because I will not practice on a daily basis, but I speak the same language as my young Community Manager.

What I do know is that I really didn't waste my time!

Morgana L.

Certified Community Management online training

A training that met all my goals and needs.

Even if I was already trained in the basics on 3/4 of the subjects, I was able to confirm my knowledge, discover tools and tips.

I feel ready to get started and meet the needs of my future clients.

Julie M.

Certified Community Management online training

I followed the 4-day community management training.
Super interesting, complete, concrete content and the 2 trainers at the top and passionate.

I highly recommend, you can go there with your eyes closed.

Florimond L.

Certified Community Management online training

Very complete training that met my expectations and questions.

Listening, the trainers are at the top!

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