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Creation of the logo & Definition of the visual identity |Creation of the website- showcase site
InKréa - Agency ofgraphics| Website creation |Community Management training& Webmarketing in Pau (64)


Pilates and v-FormWe offer pilates classes in the Basque Country.

Our services :

  • Logo creation

  • Definition of the visual identity and the graphic charter

  • Creation of the website

We created ashowcase site, allowing Sandrine to display her lesson schedule, and information relating to her discipline.

We added ablog, which it can maintain at will to improve itsGoogle SEO.

The little tip:

Thecreation of a blogin yourwebsiteoffers you great opportunities for traffic to your site! 

A blog demonstrates your passion and professionalism, establishes your corporate personality, andimprove your SEO.

Be careful though, writing complete articles takes time and being comfortable with the pen! 

If this is your case, go for it!

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