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Creation of the website - showcase site
InKréa - Agency ofgraphics|Creation of websites|Trainings Webmarketing, website creation and graphic design in Pau (64)

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A Bottle at the Nive, it has clearly become our HQ when we go for a walk on the side ofBayonne.

This is undoubtedly one of the best addresses in town! 

We have lunch by the water, small homemade dishes, in a bistro and festive atmosphere... We love it, go for it!

Our services :

  • Creation of restaurant website.

We find there a beautifulhome page scrollpresenting the different services that can be found at the restaurant, but also menus and menus, wines, tapas, pizzas, the bistro menu, cocktails... 

During the Covid crisis, the site was the only medium allowing customers to consult the menu, but we had planned aaccommodationproviding abandwidthsufficient, like that, if everyone connects at the same time, don't panic, it doesn't crash!

The little tip:

Plan aaccommodationwith abandwidthsufficient, this will allow your site not to suffer or slow down its loading times if ever a lot of Internet users connect to it at the same time.

This improves theuser experience, commonly calledUX.


We always plan, anyway ;)

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